Only the hearing need apply… 

An advert came through my door today. A local newsagent is looking for people to deliver the mail. Age is no barrier, they said. Dog walkers welcome! Insomniacs very welcome – their words, not mine. 

Yet I was left puzzled by the criteria next to “Qualifications.” They did not mention good sense of direction or reasonable fitness – they said 

providing you can see, hear and move normally , there aren’t any. 

But what’s normal anyway? I’m short sighted and use glasses to drive – does that mean my eyesight is abnormal? And if I’ve been dancing too hard my left foot gives way resulting in a swagger like walk – is that not a normal way to move? 

I’m being picky – I know. 

But seeing a point being made about needing to have normal hearing to post mail touched a nerve.

Do they not know that Derby has a higher than average number of Royal Mail post men who are deaf due to the city having the second largest deaf community in England? 

And would this advert not exclude youngsters who are deaf yet still have great work ethics and are ready to be independent and earn a bit of pocket money? 

Before the newsagent require mail deliverers have normal hearing, they should take a look at who’s actually delivering their mail. Professional, able, postmen – some of whom who are also deaf. 

That sounds very normal to me 😉 

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