With over 15 years experience in film, television and theatre I am able to confidently offer a consultancy service to suit your requirements. These can be carried out in person or over Zoom or Skype at your convenience.

Examples of consultancy services I provide are listed below, however if something is not listed please get in touch anyhow to discuss what you need.

*Deaf awareness and basic British Sign Language tuition for service providers, venues, creatives and so on. If you have a venue/event//performance or online presence that you’d like to be accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people, get in touch and find out how best you can do that.

From ensuring the building you work in is deaf-friendly and staff have basic deaf awareness to delivering inclusive performances or holding accessible events, anything is possible!

*Support writing or researching when creating new pieces featuring deafness or deaf people. I have worked with writers who wanted to find out more about how to ensure their portrayal of deafness or a deaf character was an accurate representation. I have also proof read and amended script drafts to ensure dialogue is deaf-friendly and respectful to deaf issues.

I can offer careful consultation to writers who may wish to cover a sensitive topic for the deaf community or deliver an insightful piece of work to inform mainstream hearing society.

*Support producing, rehearsing or filming with deaf actors/performers for the stage or screen.
BSL consultants are invaluable if you are developing a production with a deaf actor, especially if they are a British Sign Language user. From the moment you even think about casting a deaf actor, a BSL consultant can offer support throughout every step to ensure the process is smooth, informed and accessible.

As BSL consultant I can also deliver feedback after rehearsals and on screen filming to ensure the BSL used is accurate and appropriate.

Past services include consultancy for;

Scuffed Shoes Theatre (Leicester)
Fierce Festival (Birmingham)
Red Earth Theatre (Derby)
The Wild and the Innocent (Derbyshire)
Research & Development for Robin Hood, Derby Theatre
Cutting It (Royal Exchange, Manchester)
Sing It Ultimate A Cappella (Sky One)
See Hear (BBC1)
The WOW Foundation
The National Deaf Children’s Society