For the girls!

It seems whenever I meet with a female friend it isn’t long before our conversation turns to that of the opposite sex. Men are indeed fascinating!

But as a dear buddy of mine recently anguished, ‘how can you really know what men are thinking?’

Such strange yet marvellous creatures they are, males tend not to say what’s on their minds nor do they like to talk about *ahem* feelings.

The men in my friend’s life have behaved particularly bizarrely. Hot then cold, eager then laidback, they are almost like true to life Danny Zuko’s; really keen on her but not so hot at showing it. 

Even their text messages are confusing. Ending with the likes of “I’ll be fine” and “Don’t worry about me,” it seems that they want her to be there, but are too scared to ask for what they need. 

Another question, of course, is how do you know if you’ve begun to cross the line from ‘just friends’ and wandered into the realm of  ‘something more’ ? 

Should you put your cards on the table, confess how you feel and risk them running a mile? 

Or wait for a sign that hints they feel the same way, which could very possibly leave you waiting forever?

Well I say, do as Derren Brown would do! Begin to read between the lines, pick up on their vibes, and really see what feels right. And hey, if you make a mistake or do something regretful you can always blame your hormones!

The truth of the matter is we can’t change men’s nature any more than we can our own. By default, we like to talk. We take things to heart, we overanalyse  conversations and yes, we stress over how many kisses we should really end our texts with.  

But men don’t do that, do they? Or do they?

How do you know?! 

I have a feeling this month is going to be rather philosophical…!

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