Mindfulness and BSL

After my initial training with Mindfulness Scotland in 2009 I began teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches to individuals and groups across the country in various settings. These included NHS pain management groups, wellbeing courses at community centres and for private companies too. 

I use both voice and British Sign Language in my work so that both hearing and deaf people can access the courses and follow the guided meditations with ease. As a trained professional relaxation therapist I specialise in delivering Mindfulness sessions for stress relief and relaxation.

I have made four of my Mindfulness videos public on YouTube (these have previously only been sent privately to my clients) in the hope that they may spark more interest and awareness amongst the deaf community.

You can “like” my Facebook page Rebecca A. Withey to keep informed about further videos or follow my Twitter account @DancingPhoenix 
I am also active on Instagram @terpsichoreansmuse

The videos can be found here; http://youtu.be/KnX32h20GYE

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness and BSL

  1. Hi, I love what you’re doing here! I’m an ASL interpreter in the US and I’m sure Deaf friends would also love what you’re doing. There’s far too little accessible mindfulness info and training done by Deaf people here. Do you by any chance record any trainings in ASL? Or know of Deaf people here doing similar work for me to spread the word about?


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