The perks of being deaf… 

I know being deaf can sometimes (or mostly) feel like you’re a square peg in a round hole, trying to get by in a Hearing world… but I’ve come to realise and appreciate the benefits that being deaf brings.

I don’t mean literal benefits like DLA or PIP – oh no – I’m referring to the everyday perks of being deaf. Thinking about it, there are many pluses to being deaf in a noisy world but I’ve decided to list my top THREE faves in the hope it might inspire you to tell me yours.


1. I can sleep through anything. According to my social media feeds my hearing friends spent the last couple of nights tossing and turning as thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Pelts of rain kept them awake but me? I slept like a log. My husbands snoring never bothers me and if I had noisy neighbours (or perhaps I do?!) they wouldn’t wake me either. Lights out, hearing aids out, boom. Deep sleep guaranteed. Jealous much, hearingies? 

2. I’m blissfully unaware of drama around me. During a bus ride, my niece relayed to me what a couple nearby were arguing about. Sordid details of their relationship were being aired for everyone to hear… details that I really did not want to know. They say ignorance is bliss? In this case I think deafness is. It’s the same when I’m working, I’m oblivious to distracting noises. So I can work anywhere, hurrah! Even in coffee shops where baristas BANG coffee pots and radios BLARE and customers CHIT-CHAT. Out the hearing aids go and peace and quiet ensues.  

Now this is the big one…

3. I can get out of “stuff” pretty easily. Ever had cold callers ring your mobile? Well I don’t have to answer the calls… Cos I’m deaf! And you know those annoying sales people in shopping malls that approach you and ask you to stop and chat? Try telling them you’re deaf and watch them scurry backwards! I guess being deaf is a bit like having a “get out of stuff” card that you can use at your own disposition.

I bet you didn’t even know you’ve been using a Deaf card yourself eh? My first memory of using mine was aged 11 at school when my entire form class were given detention… We were supposed to sit there for an extra hour after school but my phonic aid battery had died (true story!!) So I told the teacher. And I mentioned very innocently that without it I wouldn’t be able to follow a thing. So he let me go early and I whirled out of the classroom to the scowls of my jealous hearing peers. Hair swish. 

Who said we couldn’t have fun with our deafness? 😉

Go on then, I’ve told you mine – now tell me yours. What are your perks of being deaf? 

2 thoughts on “The perks of being deaf… 

  1. I didn’t even know we had so many canvassers (door knockers) in the area until my hearing disappeared. As an LDA, I am still adjusting to many things, but I am also enjoying many more, especially the silence of a snoreless night!


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